Chia Seed – Cranberry Sauce


Healthy – contains no added sugar

One of my favorite Fall item is Fresh Cranberries. I love it in muffins, scones, cookies and in cranberry sauce. I went to Trader Joes yesterday and picked up a pre-made cranberry sauce. I looked at the sugar content in the back and quickly placed it back on the shelf. Do not get me wrong! I had it before and it is delicious! I just could not justify eating 25g of sugar in 1 serving. (24g of it all added sugar) I rather eat that much sugar in a cookie or ice cream!

Do you like the flavor and texture of Fresh Cranberry Sauce but not interested in the work? My Fresh Cranberry Sauce is made with whole cranberries, orange juice, orange zest and chia seed. I make these in my baby (1.5 quart) crockpot.

Check out my recipe below.

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